Talents or MTs

Basic Management Training


We prepare talents for their future roles as managers.  They will learn the key responsibilities and skills of a manager.


By training and subsequent follow up coaching sessions. This will help them to observe and apply key skills and behaviors (e.g. time management, delegation, goal setting, etc.) in their daily work.


Team Development


Talents will learn the basics of working in a team and the role of a team leader.


By training and workshops designed to the needs of new talents in an organization.


Self-Leadership Training


Talents and Management Trainees (MTs) will learn what it means to lead others and how to earn respect. They will  understand how to become a good role model in order to lead themselves first before leading others.


By training and subsequent follow up coaching sessions. Our programs on self-leadership cover topics like integrity, discipline, effective presentation skills, result orientation, etc.


Assessments / profiling


Talents need to understand who they are, what
 their key qualities are and how they could be perceived by others. This awareness builds the foundation for continuous improvement and growth.


By assessment centers: observations of discussion, case studies, problem solving, presentations, interviews, role plays etc.

We also offer online DISC assessment which provides a profile of their dominant attitudes and behaviors.

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