BOD Level

Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is aimed at inspiring leaders to make behavioral changes in order to improve leadership skills and maximize business results.


By a series of one-on-one sessions (60-90min) conducted by our certified coaches. The program-duration depends on the purpose and goals (e.g. coaching for change, first 90 days, leadership coaching, career coaching, etc.).


Executive Team Development


Our facilitators are leaders by themselves and will challenge a BoD to optimize their leadership capabilities as a team.


By customized workshops (on/off-site) which are designed to be compact and highly dynamic. They are focused on executive management only to ensure high impact.


Leadership Workshops


Leaders will learn to lead their organizations and mentor their successors. They will  understand how to build a successful leadership team (e.g. Board of Directors).


Brief Master-Mind Groups (on/off-site) led by professional facilitators. Those workshops are designed to the needs of the executives and will focus on topics like Strategy, Vision, Innovation, Disruption, etc.


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