“Coaching” literally means to transport someone from one place to another (e.g. rail coach, stage coach).
The purpose of Coaching is to help people move forward or change. The professional Coach uses advanced skills of listening, questioning and reflection to create highly effective conversations and experiences for the coaches. He facilitates constructive, self-initiated change.

Turning to coaching as a principal means of developing their existing talents becomes more and more popular in Western countries and starts to kick-off in Asia as well.

The Coach will encourage the coachee to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles, surface thoughts/ideas and move into action. The coachees agenda is the only agenda.

Coaching is aimed at inspiring executive leaders to make behavioral changes, which transform themselves and the people around them maximizing business results and performance.

The Highest Standard

The leading global organization for Coaching

  •  Quality standards
  •  Certification
  •  Network for credentialed coaches
  •  20.000 members

 Our Coach will help you with:

  • Performance feedback
  • Career planning
  • Improving interpersonal skills
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Improving management skills
  • Analyzing roadblocks and setbacks
  • Uncovering blind spots and limitations
  • Assessing progress on an agenda
  • Seeing alternatives (actions, strategies)
  • Mediating team relationships


YOU are our priority: Our approach is fully adaptive, following YOUR needs and preferences:

  • Real-time, on-time learning
  • Individualized learning
  • Integrated learning (work/life balance)
  • Sustained attention to progress to foster genuine change
  • Accelerated learning for dynamic business