Excellence is an art won by training and habituation”

- Aristotle

Training is an integral step in an organization’s efforts towards change and improvement. Training helps an individual to learn new skills, knowledge, or attitudes to enhance the performance of employees as well as the organization.

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

    We provide an integrated and tailor-made training approach, addressing all your corporate needs with the same focus:

  • Business need (market place, profitability)
  • Need to improve or change (competition, image)
  • Need to gain knowledge or learn new skills (new processes, quality)
  • Need for change in the environment (corporate culture, morale)

Once the corporate needs are clarified we start looking into the individual needs for employees to be trained:

  • Induct new employees
  • Provide long-term professional development
  • Upgrade knowledge/skills required for the job
  • Develop talents into leadership roles
  • Change career paths due to job elimination or out of own aspiration

  Training Modules




Training Method AsiaLeader is mainly using “Experiential Learning” as the basis for an effective and long-lasting learning experience. The process:

  1. Experience  (exercise, game, role-play)
  2. Individual reflection  (prepared evaluation forms)
  3. Group discussion about the experience  (“Learning Arena”)
  4. Group discussion about learning plus additional knowledge  (e.g. presentation)
  5. Transfer to workplace  (e.g. Coaching)



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